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Founding SWASH LONDON in 2004, Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka acquired their beloved whippet in 2005, which became the brand logo. Since then, Sarah Swash

and Toshio Yamanaka have been designing for SWASH luxurious scarves, womenswear, accessories,lifestyle and homeware collections.

Collaborating and consulting to major global brands such as PUMA and Shiseido alongside private clients, SWASH LONDON is recognised for its artistic and refined hand drawn-painted print designs and it's love for colour.

All SWASH collection prints are designed in-house, hand drawn by Yamanaka during the

course of approximately eight weeks and hand painted by Swash for a minimum of six weeks.

Scanning all illustrations to be digitally printed achieving an exquisite level of detail inviting

you into their fascinating illustrated world.

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